For any organization or professional, building up a solid reputation takes several years, particularly in the web world. However, the same can be gutted only in a few minutes in case of an online backlash. RepShield is a one-stop reputation management solution for businesses with a sizable digital presence. RepShield does this by seamlessly tracking opinions and actions related to your business online and also by helping customers control their online presence with ease.

RepShield Builds Trust

RepShield helps in building trust for your customers, something that sales teams will definitely desire. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, every sales team wishes to differentiate its brand by reaching out better to customers as the ultimate and most trusted solutions. To be legitimately considered as a trusted option, RepShield is the way to go. You will always be in the loop about how and where you are searched online and what people and your customers are saying about your brand. We will analyze all relevant and essential websites and create extensive reports going deep into information about your brand as it shows on directories, category-based domains and search engines along with review sites based on the specific location and category.

RepShield Tracks Your Brand

You get to know how you have been reviewed on various sites and can use this knowledge to safeguard and enhance your reputation in the digital space. You will get several solutions courtesy RepShield which will help you fix, build and boost information about your business across digital avenues where people are looking for you. You can correct listings and information on your business profile.

The most important part is that you learn what your customers are saying about the brand and you can help in tackling comments and optimizing your own online reputation. RepShield also reports on listings and directories and will dispatch the core message of your business to major locations. There are reports of reviews about your business and their quality. Information is meticulously gathered on the existing listings of businesses across key portals. Vertical directories, local sites, yellow pages and social networking sites are all tapped along with regional and review portals.

RepShield Guards Your Reputation Against Competition

There is a Reputation Shield score that is calculated for your business. Our reports also recommend major actions to be taken in this regard. The average rating and review volumes are also indicated and you can view them on each portal and respond directly as well. The top-ranked reviews are also shown on various popular websites. There will be a competitive analysis tool which will help you pit your online presence against rivals with results displayed side-by-side. There is also the Submission Tool which not only reports but also works as an extensive syndication solution.

RepShield tracks all publications and submissions and you can see updates about the visible improvements in your online reputation and overall score. You also get help in creating more awareness about your business through data that is taken for creating new and unique listings across several sites as well. You will steadily find that enhancing your Reputation Shield score will directly lead to more conversions from customers. You can also directly influence public opinion in favour of your product or service.

RepShield is thus an extensive solution for monitoring, submission and reputation management online. It is also a marketing tool with visible return on investment. This can be used for deployment across sales and customer service teams as well.


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