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As a team of over 20 experts and anti-defamation specialists from around the world, we don’t just manage reputations, we defend them.

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We take what we do very seriously indeed, but unfortunately some single-approach reputation management companies give our industry a bad name.You won’t find lumbering, expensive SEO dressed up as a single magic bullet, or demands for outrageous retainers and hidden costs here, because we don’t manage reputations. We defend them.

We don’t believe in vague promises and murky language. We share not only the results, but also the methods use achieve them, because we’re proud of the work we do and the effort we make. We’re not a one-size-fits all band-aid for our clients. We believe that every company, small business, and public individual deserves the support of a dedicated team fight misinformation and remove defamatory content, for good.

Our committed team of over twenty anti-defamation specialists was assembled from experts in technical, legal, and strategic fields all over the world. The internet traverses all borders and so our services and talent pool do too. From cyber-security and ethical hacking, SEO management to anti-defamation law, every member of our team offers us another way to get the job done. If it’s effective, legal, and responsible we use it to generate results.

We’ve built our reputation on trust, with strong mutually beneficial partnerships with over 150 websites and companies, as well as over 1000 satisfied clients to date. We offer complete confidentiality to our partners and clients, but believe absolutely in the transparency of our process, as well as offering a full refund if we don’t achieve results and a lifetime guarantee attached in every case we undertake.

We’re so confident in our effectiveness that we stake our reputation on it.

What We Do

We offer support and insight into possible online threats to your brand or organisation, as well as providing a line of defense against online defamation and character assassination. From identifying and neutralizing phishing attempts, to permanently removing slanderous comments from the web, we have the tools to take on any threat and tackle any challenge.


We liaise and work closely with legal experts to combat harmful defamation, as well as to combat malicious or illegal online activity.


We work with a network of over 150 consumer sites and other organisations to maintain their credibility and permanently remove slander.

Cyber Intelligence

Our team of cyber-security and anti-defamation specialists use everything from ethical hacking to digital forensics to neutralize threats.

Search Engine Experts

Our team know everything there is to know about search engines. From strategic reverse SEO to permanent link, removal they’ve got it covered.