Reputation Management is a growing necessity these days, particularly in cases where businesses and individuals have their reputations tarnished on complaint and review sites, sometimes in cases where they are not in the wrong. This can be a growing menace for many companies unless there is a solid practice of reputation management involved.

Now, when it comes to Reputation Management, one should set store by RepControl, one of the most powerful reputation management campaigns available globally. This enables the controlling of Google search results for any business/organization with aplomb. There is a multi-layered campaign that is used for getting back top pages in search results and rankings with content that is quite positive and also the identification and removal of any malicious or harmful content from Google.

RepControl – A Holistic Reputation Management Campaign

The key advantages of RepControl:

  • You can totally control Google results and stay at the top
  • You can always get negative links blocked and prevent them from appearing on the first page
  • You can control damage by more than 95% as far as negative links are concerned
  • You can easily use this campaign to boost your marketing and public relations initiatives
  • You can adopt a strategic and highly calculated approach which works every time
  • This is a boutique solution that can be totally customized
  • You are protected at all times from any such defamation attacks in the future
  • The campaign is extensive and the most powerful such tool in the world
  • This is ideal for individuals and businesses of all sizes right from small entities to Fortune 500 conglomerates

The best part here is that you always get results. You get permanent de-linking of all negative links/content from Google and permanent elimination of the same online. You can also build up your reputation with online campaigns that are highly effective and are targeted to the right audiences. You can also track any such defamation attempts/negative links in the future and combat the same with ease.

Why Makes RepControl Stand a Class Apart

RepControl is highly effective and is designed to get you the best results since there is no run of the mill SEO being used here to keep all negative content away. The campaigns are fast and extensive and the issues are countered from all possible angles in order to revive your company reputation and also repair any damage that has already been done.

You can thus get faster results at really lower costs. There is permanent elimination of any content which defames you or your organization. There is usage of particular TOS knowledge in addition to consultations with legal experts and also strategic tie-ups that go into ensuring that any defamatory content is removed permanently.

The biggest part to consider here is that a whopping 75%+ of all negative content is in violation of at least three TOS and guidelines for the platform where it has been published. This may include Web Host, Domain, Website and Google TOS and also Geo-specific law, quid pro quo, IP violations, legal violations, investigations and DMCA. There is total removal through this online reputation management campaign. There are several approaches and permanent removal is ensured through several partnerships and tie-ups.

Also, you can get more publicity, visibility and enhanced SEO rankings since removal of such content frees up space for the online reputation management (ORM) campaign to say positive things about your business. There are several web properties created for you which continue to function in the future as part of the campaign. These are developed manually and automated bots or content are never used.

There is total quality control across the entire campaign and you get better search engine results in the process. There is the advanced monitoring solution for your online reputation. You can easily see the problem zones and issues and improve over the passage of time.

You can also do a quick check of your reputation and see who is saying what about you and your organization which includes employees, rivals and more. You can always keep a tab on people behind these conversations with a high-end tracking system. There is total social media monitoring across news sites, reviews, complaint sites, blogs, forums, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and millions of other sources.


How do we compare with other reputation management firms?

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