Control search results on Google for your business with RepControl™

We use a multi-pronged campaign to win back the top pages of search results with positive content, identify and remove malicious content from Google, & fix the damage done to your business.

  • Completely Control Top Results at Google
  • Block Negative Links from Appearing on #1 Page
  • Mitigates Damage from Negative Links by over 95%
  • Doubles up as a PR and Marketing Apparatus
  • A Calculated and Strategic Approach which Delivers
  • The World's Most Powerful Reputation Campaign
  • A Completely Customised Boutique Solution
  • Shields You from Future Defamation Attacks
  • Leaves No Stone Unturned
  • Fits Everyone from Fortune 500 Firm to Any Individual

Take control of Google Search

Designed for Results, Results, Results.


Permanent removal & delisting of negative content or links from Google.


Boosting your reputation with an effective, targeted, online campaign.


Monitoring and deterring possible future defamation or negative links.

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  • The World’s Most Powerful ORM Campaign

    We don’t rely on outdated SEO to keep negative content out of sight. Our campaigns are agile, comprehensive, and attack the issue from all sides in order to restore your reputation and repair any damage done. Even better, the effectiveness of a multi-pronged approach means quicker results and and a less cost.

    Task Rep Control Other ORM Firms
    Web Properties > 10 3-5
    Brandjack Protection Included N/A
    Social Media > 10 1-3
    Content Creation > 200 30 - 50
    Premium Content Placement Included N/A
    Link Building > 500 100 - 250
    Cyber Investigation Included N/A

    Negative Content, Gone for Good

    Unlike companies shackled to SEO, we offer permanent removal of defamatory content. Using TOS knowledge, strategic partnerships, legal experts and more, we can ensure that the offending material isn’t just pushed down the search rankings, but gone for good.

    The Devil Is In The Details More than 75% of all negative content violates at least 3 guidelines and TOS for the platform it is published on.

    Web Host TOS
    Domain TOS
    Geo Specific Law
    IP Violation
    Website TOS
    Local Lawfirms
    Quid Pro Quo
    Google TOS

    Permanent Removal

    No one else offers the permanent removal of negative content in an ORM campaign, period. We’re able to because we don’t take a single, unimaginative approach. We use multiple approaches and an unrivalled network of partnerships to restore your reputation. In other words, whatever works.

    Permanent Benefits

    Eliminating negative content also creates more space for our ORM campaign to sing your praises. Its absence leaves a vacuum within the top rankings of search engines that our targeted positive content can fill, resulting in better seeding, search engine rankings, and overall visibility .

    More Web Properties Working For You

    Our ORM campaigns create more dedicated web properties than any other. In fact, it’s not even close. Not only that, but we build value into each one to ensure that they continue to work for you in the future, instead of just acting as a quick fix.

    The Human Touch

    All of our web properties are crafted manually by our veteran team, meaning that they can offer more value than just pushing their way up the search rankings. We never use automated content or bots, preferring to do the heavy lifting ourselves in order to get the most from each one.

    Quality Checked

    Every aspect of the campaign is meticulously designed to deliver only the best quality content to the search engines. We never publish spam or inferior content, instead suppressing and replacing negative content with positive, strategic content that you can be proud to be associated with.

    Added Promotional Value

    Web properties can be far more than just a tool to improve search engine rankings for your selected keywords. We make sure that they work harder by doubling up as additional promotion, offering you long-term value in addition to a rapid climb to top of search engine listings.

    You Own Everything

    We create it. You own it. It’s as simple as that. Once our work is done and you’re happy with the results you can do whatever you like with the solutions we’ve given you. Keep them in place, repurpose them, or update them as you need – it’s entirely up to you.

    Professionally Written Content

    You won’t find any filler here. We only produce high quality, results-orientated copy and original articles that push your positives while also engaging the reader with more than just marketing blurb.


    All of our article content is written by professionals, never bots, to ensure the highest possible quality of content specific to your brand. Unlike cheaply purchased generic articles, we produce content that not only helps to achieve top search rankings, but also works as effective promotional material.

    Over 100 new articles

    Our team can create over one hundred individual, original articles for a large-scale ORM campaign, pushing your positive reputation up the search rankings and through social media. With each and every additional article further crowding out and pushing down any previously negative search listings.


    We don’t outsource our article writing overseas or produce automated content. Every article is written by our team, not only to guarantee quality, but to ensure the sort of standards required for placement on reputable US-based platforms such as The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, and The Wall Street Journal.


    We don’t hoard our content or take it back if you don’t want to pay an unfair retainer. We’re different. Not only are we the only company in our industry to work on contingency, but if we part ways we transfer the ownership of articles, domain names, accounts, website data, and other content directly to you.

    Press and Media

    Not everything we do is based on cyber-intelligence and digital knowhow. Sometimes the oldest methods are just as effective. And with our unrivalled network of publisher, no one is better at spreading the good word about your brand.

    search visibility

    Press releases go to premier news outlets like the New York Times, USA Today, and more. 200,000+ news subscribers and 10,000+ journalists or bloggers in the distribution of the release, ensuring the greatest possible visibility on major search engines.

    The Perfect Match

    Our ORM specialists carefully match you with the publisher that is best suited to tell your story and whose readers resemble your desired target audience, but we can also match you with a publisher that you personally want to see publish and promote your story.

    A Digital Wall

    We create a protective ‘digital wall’ of positive content around your brand, reinforced against future attacks or unwanted search results by high profile placements in leading media outlets like HuffPo, Forbes, TechCrunch, The WSJ, Mashable and more.

    Global Reach

    The internet doesn’t have borders and so neither does our network of publishers. In addition to leading American media outlets we also push your story to platforms and sites read universally, as well as recognized and respected news sites around the world.

    The Power of Social Media

    Social media has allowed the world to connect with one another, but it also allows misinformation to spread unchecked. We harness that potential and ensure it’s working for you, not against you.

    The Human Touch

    Both search engines and the average reader can spot automated content created by bots with increasing accuracy. That’s why we employ the human touch, doing the heavy lifting ourselves to ensure that that your expanding social media presence isn’t accompanied by a drop in value, with top quality content for positive promotion and impressive search engine rankings.

    Top 5 Ranking

    Search engines love social media. Due to their domain authority social media offers an efficient way to achieve tops rankings on Google. To do so we never rely on bots, but human effort, using our team’s personal knowledge and expertise to strategically populate and promotes links that include genuine positive content that Google recognizes and values.

    Negatives To Positives

    Sometimes the best for of defense is offense. We move rapidly to secure any potentially damaging, negative domain names before they can be put to use by malicious individuals. If we secure not only is that domain now off the table, but any similar negative links won’t be treated by Google as original and we hold all the cards.

    Securing Social Media

    You’re probably already aware of how important social media can be as a marketing tool, but with excellent social media management and strategic SEO on dozens of platforms, we can drastically improve search rankings. Combining these accounts with your web properties not only offers excellent promotion, but also protects your brand from cybersquatters and fake accounts.

    Track Sentiments

    Our social media sentiment tracking provides us with ongoing feedback, data, and real intelligence so that we can understand not only exactly what is being said about your brand, but also by who. By understanding these demographics or individual issues we can then focus on which aspects of your brand need to be promoted in order to protect your reputation.

    Enhanced SEO Everywhere

    Just because we do far more to defend your reputation than ill-equipped SEO companies doesn’t mean that we don’t understand the value of good search engine optimization. We can upgrade the SEO efficiency of any current web properties to match those that we create, as well as empowering positive links elsewhere, by using backlinks to improve their search rankings.

    Get The Most From Your Website

    Whether you’ve just built an impressive new site or rely on a workhorse that has done you well, we make sure that you can squeeze every drop of potential from it with proven optimization strategies.

    Over 15 Target Keywords
    On-page Optimization
    Onsite Recommendations
    Adding Rich Snippets
    G+ Authorship & Publisher Setup
    Website Usability Report
    Local Search Website Optimisation
    Link Strategy
    Website Social Sharing
    Google+ Setup
    NAP Syndication
    Local Citation Building
    SEObsessed Links
    Link Exchange Campaign
    SEO Consultancy

    Advanced Reputation Monitoring

    Stay informed with advanced monitoring that shows precise performance and the big picture. Clearly see your reputations strengths, problem areas, and improvement as we work.

    reputAtion Check

    Analytics let you quickly check your reputation. We analyze and tell you the number of new results, velocity change, share of voice and every update on the search engines.

    brand updates

    See everything there is to know about your brand. We tell you who’s talking about your company, executives, products, employees, competitors and more!


    Automated sentiment and reputation scoring. We don’t just see the conversation about your brand, we see who’s behind the conversation with our proprietary tracking system.


    The broadest social media monitoring. Hundreds of millions of sources are monitored including, news, blogs, reviews, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, forums and much more!

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    Case Studies

    Bad Merger Leads to Association with Criminal Past

    One of world's leading Gold Investment firm acquires a smaller firm. With it, came attached a series of accusations, complaints and bad reputation, and it stuck. The client was presumed guilty by mere association, and they just couldn't shake it off.

    Jealous Competitor Posting Negative Reviews and Complaints

    Investment Banking is a cut throat business. And it can get ugly too. A leading investment banker appraoached us, bemused with dozens of complaints and bad reviews appearing on multiple sites, resulting in massive losses. Defamed investigated and found out the identity of the person(s) responsible for the attack, as well as took care of the negative content within 8-10 weeks.

    15 yr old Wrongful Arrest News Artilcle Haunts a Pediatrician

    A prominent and well respected Pediatrician in Brazil was accused of sexual harassment, more than 15 years ago. This incident was headlines all over. Subsequently, the case was dismissed with prejudice, but the news agencies failed to give it any attention, and the negative headlines stuck. And it hurt. It needs a well planned and targeted campaign to disavow the negative headlines and reveal the truth.

    How it Works

    You discover negative content on a website
    You contact us in order to combat the problem
    We analyse your case & send you a proposal
    Once agreed, we begin the removal process
    The URL/content is removed in a matter of days.
    You verify the results before you ever get an invoice

    The Result




    Our intelligent software monitors every new search result indexed on search engines, analyzing them for possible negative content. Damaging content is identified and an alert is sent so that we neutralize or remove the link before it can cause a crisis

    Suppress & Contain Unwanted Content

    Sometimes the best defense is offense. We strategically suppress negative content whilst it’s still fresh. Our expert team takes action before it’s had time to spread or gain top ranks on search engines, causing damage to your reputation.

    Immunity on 40+ Most Damaging Sites

    Prevention is better than cure, and as such we monitor over 40 major complaint and review sites for negative content appearing against out clients. As soon as anything bad is detected, we get to work and nip in the bud before it presents itself as a problem.

    Control & Manage Top Search Positions

    Fighting defamatory search results is a battle for ground. 85% of search users don’t read past the second page of results. We take back the top results on search and social media with positive content and articles published from reputable sources.

    We Offer More Than Just Results

    Dedicated Project Manager

    No adult should be expected to play telephone. That’s why a member of our team is devoted to each and every client, meaning that you have a simple, single point of contact if you ever want to discuss any aspect of your account.

    Privacy & Confidentiality

    Both our business and our partnerships with consumer organisations rely on trust and privacy, so naturally we offer complete confidentiality to all of our clients. If you do want to sing our praises though, we’re not going to stop you.

    A Tailor-Made Solution

    No two clients or cases are exactly the same and so neither should be our approach. We use a range of proven removal methods and focus our campaign expertise on what works most effectively for your reputation, not what’s easiest for us.

    Flexible Pricing & Payment

    Pay in a way that suits you. We don’t demand an outrageous retainer or hit you with hidden fees. In fact we’re the only reputation management company to work on contingency, as well as offering a 180 day guarantee or refund if we don’t get results.