Targeted Removal

Have defaming and damaging links on the internet, & want a Targeted Removal ™?

Who Needs It?

If your brand or organization has been defamed anywhere online, from the deep-web to consumer complaint sites, now is the time to act. Identifying and neutralizing misinformation campaigns early is your first line of defense.

Under Remove It, our task is to plan and execute removal of a specific negative link, or content, from the source, or from Google. Nip in the bud.

We work on the assumption that we must remove, and not hide the offending content. Not just pushing it down in the rankings. But getting rid of it.

And we do it by pulling out all the stops, using every method at our disposal within the bounds of the law to remove slander and get rid of defamatory content that may be harming you.

Remove Negative Links

Designed for Results, Results, Results.


Permanent removal & delisting of negative content or links from Google.


Boosting your reputation with an effective, targeted, online campaign.


Monitoring and deterring possible future defamation or negative links.

Featured Solutions

We have been successful in removing negative content from over 150 different consumer complaint sites, by using our proprietary techniques, networking and experience in dealing with hosting services and search engine giants.

Most of these complaint sites are unmoderated and heavily biased towards the complainant. Removal from these sites require delicate understanding of each website and it’s modus operandi.

If the defamatory content appears on one of the sites in the drop box below, wave goodbye, as we guarantee its permanent removal.

  • cardplayer account deletion
  • casetext legal history removal
  • courtcasefinder report removal
  • courthousenews article removal
  • courtlistener record removal
  • docketbird case removal
  • glassdoor review removal
  • indeed review removal
  • justia court record removal
  • law360 news article removal
  • measuredup review removal
  • mugshots removal
  • mylife profile removal
  • negative news article removal
  • pacermonitor case removal
  • patch article removal
  • plainsite profile removal
  • press release deletion
  • rankinghero profile deletion
  • rapsheets mugshot deletion
  • silive article removal
  • topix post removal
  • tumblr blog deletion
  • unicourt court case removal
  • yelp review and profile deletion
  • youtube video deletion
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The Process


We analyse the project scope and discuss the desired results


We investigate the content & research any key factors for vulnerabilities


We shortlist up to 5 methods & allocate them to specialists for processing


Our specialists test each vulnerability to find the most effective method


Most cases require less than 3 methods & see results within 2 weeks

How We Do It

Web Host TOS
Domain TOS
Geo Specific Law
IP Violation
Website TOS
Local Lawfirms
Quid Pro Quo
Google TOS

Contrary to popular belief, the web does have rules. Our experts research and document any ways in which the defamatory content may violate the terms of service set by the web host.

Looking for more detail? Discover how Removal works below

How it Works

You discover negative content on a website
You contact us in order to combat the problem
We analyse your case & send you a proposal
Once agreed, we begin the removal process
The URL/content is removed in a matter of days.
You verify the results before you ever get an invoice

The Result



Case Studies

Olympic Figure Skating Champion's Private Photos Leaked Online

Gossip sites do not care who they slander, as long as they get pageviews out of that story. Not even when it's someone who you were cheering for a few months ago. When we were approached by the client, our legal team quickly prepared a dossier and and ensured that those personal images and their copies were removed permanently from the internet.

Former Disgruntled Employee Posting Dirty Rumors on Complaint Sites

When our client discovered damaging gossip and homophobic rants posted by 'anonymous sources', little did he knew that it will rank above his official website, social media and business profiles. It turned from being a minor inconvinience, to a major embaressment in his personal and professional life. Type Website Targets Client's Business

In times, when a business is doing well, it will get it's share of critics and haters. On the internet, it's inevitable. And our client found out the hard way when one day she discovered a dedicated hate site against her ecommerce website. And ranking well, and full of hate, misinformation, fake reviews and damaging content.