Who Needs it?

Rep Shield is ideal for companies or individuals that have suffered repeated attacks on their reputation, as well as organizations looking to build a line of defense for the future, rather than trying to tackle each threat individually.

We use proven preventative measures to identify threats early and ensure that the top search engine rankings are clear of defamatory content including, social media monitoring, search engine alerts, continued reputation analysis, social media control, complaint site protection, and a dedicated response team.

Designed for Results, Results, Results


Permanent removal & delisting of negative content or links from Google


Boosting your reputation with an effective, targeted, online campaign


Monitoring and deterring possible future defamation or negative links

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Whats Included

  • Immunity on over 40 complain sites
  • 24/7 Search Engine Monitoring
  • Brandjacking Protection
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Online Review Monitoring
  • Real Time Alerts
  • Review Investigation and Arbitration
  • Essential SEO Consultancy
  • Content Placement
  • Press Release
  • Google Algo Monitoring
  • SERM Tracking
  • Media & Content Generation
  • Copyright Shield
  • RepShield Apparatus
  • Backlinking

Continual Monitoring For Negative Results

Our intelligent software monitors every new search result indexed on search engines, analyzing them for possible negative content. Damaging content is identified and an alert is sent so that we neutralize or remove the link before it can cause a crisis

Suppress & Contain Unwanted Content

Sometimes the best defense is offense. We strategically suppress negative content whilst it’s still fresh. Our expert team takes action before it’s had time to spread or gain top ranks on search engines, causing damage to your reputation.

Immunity From The 40+ Most Damaging Sites

Cooperation can be just as powerful as an aggressive approach, so we maintain strategic partnerships with sites around the globe. We defend our clients and the site can be sure that its content remains truthful and accurate. Everyone is protected.

Control & Manage Top Search Positions

Fighting defamatory search results is a battle for ground. 85% of search users don’t read past the second page of results. We take back the top results on search and social media with positive content and articles published from reputable sources.

How it Works

You submit a list of negative keywords that you want shielding from
We analyse the case details & prepare the Rep Shield apparatus
Once agreed, you pay a deposit & our experts begin within 24hrs
Our results allow you to control ranks on Google & prevent new links.
You receive weekly reports throughout the entire campaign duration
You are immune from negative content posted on complaint sites

We Offer More Than Just Results

Dedicated Project Manager

No adult should be expected to play telephone. That’s why a member of our team is devoted to each and every client, meaning that you have a simple, single point of contact if you ever want to discuss any aspect of your account.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Both our business and our partnerships with consumer organisations rely on trust and privacy, so naturally we offer complete confidentiality to all of our clients. If you do want to sing our praises though, we’re not going to stop you.

A Tailor-Made Solution

No two clients or cases are exactly the same and so neither should be our approach. We use a range of proven removal methods and focus our campaign expertise on what works most effectively for your reputation, not what’s easiest for us.

Flexible Pricing & Payment

Pay in a way that suits you. We don’t demand an outrageous retainer or hit you with hidden fees. In fact we’re the only reputation management company to work on contingency, as well as offering a 180 day guarantee or refund if we don’t get results.